Tools and Opportunities for All of Us from the Skilledwright

Community Nurturing, supporting, and celebrating life

      Freeform Dance From Freestyle Dance Jams to Ecstatic Dance and other Spiritual Movement Practices

      Music and Community Musical Experiences That Support Community

Eat Fresh Produce - Support your health, local farmers, and the environment

Healing, Nurturing, and Health - The more we are nurtured, the healthier we become

Sustainable Self-Reliance, Mobile Cabins, and Homesteading - It's an attitude, not a location!

Essays and Papers


Resources for Creating and Using Your Mobile Cabin - Links, suppliers, and support for life on the road

Resources for Running Info Booths for Events - Downloadable guidelines and samples


Community Festivals and Gatherings - Outdoors events preferred

Musicians and Bands - All ages smoke-free events preferred

Strengthen Yourself, the Planet, and Community Great resources and opportunities!

About This Site

"Sharing the projects that I support and work on,
And sharing information that supports a fuller and more rewarding path forwards for all of us,
are the goals of this site." Roger Padvorac, the Skilledwright

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Maybe I forgot about it, maybe I never heard about it. In either case, I would really like to hear from you. I am on a continually evolving path, and most of the best things on it have been unexpected, so I am hoping people will share suggestions and opportunities with me, and through the web site, with others as well.

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