Musical Experiences That Support Community

These activities can be communities in themselves, or be used to facilitate a greater sense of community within an existing group.

     Drum Circles
Drum circles have even been used successfully as part of corporate training programs to loosen people up and build cohesion and camaraderie within the group. If it works there, it should work great anywhere.

     Ecstatic Dance
“Freeform movement for fun, exercise, fellowship, and as a spiritual practice”

Freeform dance allows us to actively move and express with our whole being. This is joyful in its self. In addition it helps free up blocks and areas of stagnant energy within us.

There is a huge untapped potential in us to communicate nonverbally with motion. To experience unfettered movement where everybody is moving, expressing, and communicating at the same time, is to understand why it is called Ecstatic Dance.

     Song Circles
Singing and chanting have been used for thousands of years in all aspects of community. Healers using singing as part of the healing process find there are deep and subtler shifts when a body is resonating with the vibration created when a person sings and projects it outwards.


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Last Updated: December 2, 2004